Culture and Society in the Sudan - Ellen Ismail
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Dr. Ellen Ismail auf dem Jebel Barkal
Dr. E. Ismail at the top Jebel Barkal -
Holy Mountain of the Kingdom of Kush


Jebel Barkal - der heilige Berg der Kuschiten am Nil
Jebel Barkal at the bank of the
River Nile


Culture and society in the Sudan

How to access daily necessities

The social structure, behaviour pattern, norms and values in the Sudan

The transitional phases between tradition and modernity

Islam and the influence on society

The role and situation of Sudanese women

Female genital mutilation (FGM)


Dr. E. Ismail in the field:


Dr E Ismail with friends and colleagues from the University
of Khartoum



Founding members at the opening
of Al Sudaniya women's shop in



Staff and colleagues of
Al Sudaniya

Participant of Entishar project
"Village Empowerment for Women"
received a certificate


Dr. Ismail assessing the training
needs of a women's self-help
group from Blue Nile Province




Design and Realization: