Culture and Society in the Sudan - Ellen Ismail
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Determine a person's merit not his skin color, his life, his race or ethnic origin, but solely on his knowledge and deeds. (Khalil Gibran)



Ellen Ismail is a writer and gender specialist with a PhD in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Cologne. She married Sudanese ethnomusicologist Mahi Ismail 1957, and moved to Sudan 1960. She lived the first three years in Bakht Er-Ruda before relocating with her family to the Sudanese capital Khartoum where she lived until 1990. Ellen Ismail has worked as lecturer at the University Khartoum and as consultant for national and international development organisations concentrating on projects addressing the needs and rights of Sudanese women and children. She currently works on voluntary basis in the Sudan specialising on women's issues. Ellen Ismail has written and published several books on Sudanese culture.

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